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The Herbal "Craze" that's Sweeping the World today!


Intra* - has swept the world and become an integral part of thousands of peoples's lives.
More than one-third of consumers worldwide now routinely use herbal products to enhance their health.

Intra* had help enhanced the health of many and we have various testimony about intra* that help differently in almost every person who have taken this herbal nutrition.   Even those who've various ailment, illnesses seen a significant improvement and they keep coming back to buy one another bottle.  Today my whole family is taking it.

My own testimony!!!
(08/01/2002, Tuesday). I started taking intra* twice a day on 02/01/2002. Day 2, I was down with high fewer and sorethroat. Alot of flames accumulated, began to throw out flames. 
Day 4, left side of my abdomen in slight pain. My black eyeback is diminishing fast. I jump for joy and said " Hey! this product had help work well  of those symtoms I even don't know".  I'll stand in front of the mirror, smile before I drive to work.  Also my waist line had reduce, my skin texture is more nice now.  I slept well, my eye vision improve at night.  I felt much healthier now. So,I strongly recommend to you to try it.
This is a marvellous product. Lifestyles have more than 45 products and are of WORLD CLASS.

July 12, 1996 ( extracted from Herald Canada )
Suffered from Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Arthritis
Ernest Swales,a 61-year old diabetic, also suffers from high blood pressure and arthritis, causing extreme pain and swelling in his hands and hip joints.
Last year his health deteriorated when he started to suffer from diabetes-related 'hypo' attacks. feeling at all time low, he confided in a fellow diabetic. Little did he know the conversation would mark a turning point in his health.  His friend suggested he try a natural herbal product that had worked wonders for her condition, helping her diabetes and her high blood pressure.   "I thought I might try it, after all I could't possibly feel any worse and I'd got nothing to lose except pain and suffering," he said.
The herbal nutrition drink named intra*, packaged in a white bottle turned out to be a miracle cure.  The 23 herbs and botanical extracts it contains work on the particular needs of each individual and is formulated by a chinese doctor.  Four months later, Mr.Swales' friends have noticed his new found energy and zest for life.  All his arthritic pain has gone - for the first time in years. His diabetes has stabilised aand his own doctor has taken him off standard medication for high blood pressure.
A stone lighter, without trying to lose weight, he feels in rude good health. Ernest has shared the secrets of his Chinese remedy with many of his friends who all report relief from a variety of other complaints,r anging from headaches toasthma. He is convinced natural complementary therapies could help a lot more sufferers like himself.

Relief From Pain
My name is Sue Wyse and I am 63 years old. In Sept 1998 I had a brain surgery. While in the hospital I started taking intra. To my amazement, I no longer needed my medication for Asthma, or Arthritis. Also my head pain started to ease. Before leaving the hospital I developed a bowel disorder. I began eating the Lifestyles hi fiber diet cookies. I soon became regular and to my excitement I lost 24 ibs. I would recommend Intra*  and the cookies to anyone. Even thouh I am 63, I have loads of energy and simply feel great everyday. I will take intra* for the rest of my life.
                                                                - Su Wyse, chicago III

Suffered from Arthritis and serious migraines
2 years ago my arthritis was so bad that I had to give up driving,my husband took me shopping in a wheel chair, we were thinking that he would have to give up work in order to look after me. I was very depressed. I had also suffered serious migraines since puberty. When I heard about intra*, I felt I would try anything. The depression lifted quickly, the stiffness began to ease. I went to my seminar on crutches, my next with one stick and the third with no sticks. I began to drive again, go out, see people and build my business. I have never looked back,my husband still works. Thanks intra*
                                           - Jane Philips, Halstead, Essex, UK

Feet Dry and Crack
My blood pressure was getting worse all the time. My doctor was getting ready to increase my medication. Also my feet had been dry and would crack with as chronic fungus problem. Have to apply cream and dressing everyday. I went in for my blood pressure test after a week on intra*.  My blood pressure was level even I had drank a pot of coffee that morning and had forgotten to take my medicine. Now I can feel the carpet under my feet again,tehy're pink and healthy now, for the first time in five years.
                                          - Mitch Roberie, Ville Platte. LA, USA

Suffered from Lupus, Chronic Allergies and Migraines
I have had Lupus and chronic allergies for years, also stress induced migraines used to put me to bed for hours. I taught taking the drug peninsolon for life is hell to me to control my lupus.  Since taking intra* I've noticed my allergies are better and I have a lot more strength and stamina. I just feel better all over. Now when I get stressedI take more intra* and it keeps me from getting sick.
                                            - Alma Hintz, Delta, CO, USA

Suffered fromChronic Fatigue, Menopause, Iron Defeciency and Arthritis
In September of 1993,I was burned out with chronic fatigue, menopause and arthritis. I couldn't sleep and lost 21 pounds from stress.I also had an iron deficiency. Within a few weeks of starting to take intra* , things began to improve greatly. After 4 months my hot flashes are gone, my iron level is back in balance. I've regain 16 pounds and almost pain-free.
                                    -   Colleen Killbright, Arvin, MB, Canada

Serious Illness
In May of 1995,I was diagnosed with a serious illness.I started treatment, lost 65 Ibs and my hair started falling out. I began using six ounces of intra* daily and after three weeks I had gained back 10 Ibs. After six months I had gained 45  more Ibs and a full head of hair with no side effects from the treatment.I may have to deal with the severity of my illness, but I have quality of life with intra*
                              - Liv McCarthy, Toms River, New Jersey, USA

I suffered from alcoholic neuropathy, a gradual deterioration of the nerves in the legs. Also had severe pain and major kidney problems. My pain began to lessen after the third day of taking intra* and after three weeks the pain wasalmost gone.
                                       - Phil Kerstadt, Loleta, CA, USA

At the age of 66, in 1993,I was so ill that I wanted to leave this world. I had leg cramps, poor circulation, arthritis in my fingers, headaches everyday and was so depressed. I was losing weight and couldn't keep food down - no energy - too many ailments to list them all. Everytime I sat down I fell asleep - all pictures of me that the family had were in a horizontal position.
My life was a mess. I began taking intra* in March of 1993 and my life quickly turned around.  I now feel 100%.  Thanks to intra* I just recently celebrated my 72nd birthday! Walter Cooper(Finest Irishman that ever came out of Ireland!).
                                              - White Rock, BC

After 20 years of constant pain  I underwent 7 knee surgery operations trying to find relief. But, even with heavy doses of Boltarin and numerous Cortisone shots the pain wouldn't go away. Then I tried intra* - within 4 days the pain was reduced and within few weeks the constant swelling and pain were virtually gone.
                                    - Dutchie Cornell, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Insulin Dependent Diabetic
I have been an insulin dependent diabetic for several years. I began taking intra*  8 months ago and for the last six months I have not needed insulin as my blood glucose has remained stable and at a satisfactory level.
                                       - Gerald Hambling, Devonshire,UK

Migraine has been my problems for years. I started taking intra* 3 months ago and have not suffered an attack since. I have literally forgotten howpainful my life used to be. My energy level has also improved.  My 2 year old son had eczema on his arms and legs. It wasso severe that everytime we tookhis nappies off he would scratch himself until he bled.  After taking just 1/2 oz of intra* each morning for just 2 weeks his eczema disappeared.
                                - Salomon Leitner,Lancashire, UK

I have quite severe Osteo Arthritis in the neck and spine and in the last few years had begun to experience pain in my joints. I was very sceptical that a botanical drink could ever do anything forme.  However,after taking for only 4 weeks I no longer have pain in my joints, I am sleeping like a log and seem to have boundless energy.
                                  - Derek Birmingham,Surrey, UK

I couldn't turn my head or reach out from my body, had terrible headaches daily and it was very painful to walk due to my polio, which I have since childhood.  Since taking intra*, my blood sugar hasn't risen above 120. The insulin I've had has been lowered by one-half. My headaches are gone and my blood pressure has returned to normal range. My cholesterol has also dropped from 289 to 186 !. I feel better then I have in years.  I never want to be without intra*
                                  - Helen Meecham,Kearns,UT, USA

My daughter has suffered with chronic Psoriasis for 3 years with the need to visit a specialist twice a week for tar baths and ultra light treatment (sadly with no improvement).  This put a lot of stress on her (and us), she had to miss school, became withdrawn and began to stammer.  After just 2 months on intra* some 85 per cent of the Psoriasis had gone and she no longer needing speech therapy and developed into her former chatty self, even competing in and winning her school's sports day skipping race which would have previously been unthinkable.  My young son has benefitted greatly from intra* as he no longer has puffy eyes from hayfever and my own hayfever/sinus problems have also cleared up.  We are literally a family who are delighted with the radical health changes that intra* has brought about in our lives.
                                       - Gail Wiltshire, Washington DC

In July 1992 I became ill with the illness known as M.E.  I had a variety of debilitating symptoms ranging from chronic tiredness, memory loss, mood swings, digestive disturbance, weak and painful muscles and agonising joint pain. Thanks to nutritional therapy and complementary medicine, I slowly started getting better in early '93. In July '93 I was introduced to intra* and what a different it made. After only two weeks I noticed a considerable difference in my energy and stamina levels. I found that I was sleeping better and the quality of sleep has improved.  Also the dedoxification effect intra* had on me assisted greatly in clearing up my join pain.  When I began taking intra*  I was only able to work approximately five hours a day. Within six weeks I was able towork from 6:30am to 11:00pm at night.  Intra* has certainly helped me to recover and regain the energy and stamina needed to survive the fast pace of modern day living.
                                   - Gay Irving, Somerset, UK

I'm Wong from Jerantut,Pahang.  My father age 62 used to be a rubber tapper all his life.  Usually he'll be in bed by 9.30pm , up by 3:45 am to prepare meals and off  to his rubber plantation by motorbike.  One  morning in  August 2001,  I noticed that his motorbike is still outside the house. When I came to his  room,  I woke him up but I could hear his faint voice and did not moved at all.  I felt something  is wrong. and immediately call my other brother be back in an hour.  We drove all the way to Hospital in Kuala Lumpur.  He was admitted in late afternoon.  Three of the vein in the heart was blocked.  Operation had to carry out on the seven day.  2nd day, my brother spoon feed my father with  intra*.  3rd day,  the collection bag with tube connected to his stomach began to fill with tiny brownish/dark red  like dirty polluted blood.  By 5th day, the collection bag  filled with only clear liquid.  The pulse reading is back to normal. The doctor was astonished by his condition get him into exercise therepy. Reading taken again morning,afternoon and evening.  At 7th day, the doctor discharged him.  Before my family took him home,we told the doctors he's taking intra*
                                           - Wong, Jerantut, Malaysia

My 4 year old grand daughter Carol  was an ashmatic for almost one year plus.  One day I heard she call out " Mummy, I can't breath" . that's on Sunday evening  in Jan 2002.  I went straight to the frige and took out the intra*  and gave her 1/2 oz  and a glass of plain water that evening.  2 days later on Tuesday while we're having a gathering in my home, Carol  started coughing out flames, 4th day evening she had a sweet night sleep.  5th day she's running around  getting more energetic.  intra* had simply an amazing product that unmatch by any product in the market today.
                                      - William Teoh,  PJ, Malaysia

Stomach Ulcers Relieved
Eight years ago I was diagnosed as having six gastric and six duodenal ulcers.  I was told by the hospital that would be on medication for the rest of my lfe.  I started taking this herbal nutrition drink in February 1994 and after only 3 weeks I was feeling so well it was decided my medication was no longer required.  I have not needed any medication since and I have had no stomach problems whatsoever.  I think it's brilliant.
                                      - Phil McMurry, Connecticut

Three years ago I found myself under a great deal of stress.  I had been suffering from high blood pressure for some years, but at that timemy doctor was very concerned that my medication would have to be increased.  On one of monthly visits he was very impressed with the new reading and in fact said" Whatever you're doing that's different Jenny, keep doing it". It was only after I left the surgery that I realized that the only thing I HAD been doing differently was taking a daily dose of my intra* herbal drink.  I had also suffered from progressive osteo arthritis in my left knee for 15 years following a sports injury. Despite 2 operations, steriod injections etc.  I was told I would have to take anti-inflammatory tablets and pain killers for another 15 years as I was considered too young for an artificial knee.  I was extremely skeptical that intra* could help me because of so much pain.  Thankfully I was seriously mistaken - after only 6 weeks the pain had diminished considerably and after just 3 months I could straighten my leg for the first time in years.  Remarkably NO tablets for 2 1/2 years now and NO pain !.
                                       - Jenny Benns, LA

Living Life to the Full after years of Depression & Hay fever
I have suffered from from asthma and hay fever for 30 years.  The summer time was just awful for me.  I'd use sprays up my nose and drops in my eyes, take antihistamines and use a lot of paper tissues. However the summer of 1992 was a different, because I was recommended this intra* herbal nutrition drink.
Within 2 weeks of taking it I had no more allergy symptoms, asthma gone and remarkably after 30 years of misery I haven't had one attack to this day. An added bonus is the frequent headaches which used to plague me are now very few and far between.  But for the most amazing result was after sufferring serious depression on and off for the last 20 years, after 3 months of the taking intra* herbal nutrition drink gradually reduced and no longer needed all my anti depressants and sleeping tablets.  I'm back and the land of the living have fantastic energy levels, and feel tremendously positive. The intra* herbal nutrition drink will always be part of my daily life.
                                - Jill Hunt, London

Testimonial: Mike & Joanne Westons daughter Nicole
We are writing to thank you for introducing us to INTRA. We feel we owe you a great deal more than the cost of this miracle juice. We refer to INTRA as a miracle juice because by the grace of God, you called us here in Windsor from so far up in northern Ontario. Thank you for ignoring our skepticism and sending us two bottles when you really didnt even know us.

For your information, our daughter Nicole was diagnosed at 10 years of age with CHRONIC I.T.P. (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura). This is a bleeding into the skin and other organs caused by a platelet deficiency.

Over two years with weekly blood testing for platelets, she has never been off Prednisone for more than two weeks.

The doctors told us that Nicole had to get off Prednisone because of side effects after prolonged use. They were suggesting experimental drugs when you first called us about INTRA.

As you can imagine after two years between Londons University Hospital and Windsor, we were skeptical when you called. The doctors said if she could stabilize her platelets between 30,000 & 40,000, she would be okay. We showed our doctor the INTRA information you sent and he said "Well, it cant hurt". We then weaned Nicole off the drugs and after two days of nothing we started her on INTRA.                              

   jeff-family - Canada

The Blood test numbers  tell  the story:



Blood Count Treatment (Medication)

  1. June 22 22,000 5 mg. Prednisone

  2. July 03 30,000 Begin weaning off medicine

  3. July 08 Started taking INTRA"

  4. July 11,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,50,000 intra only

  5. July 18 90,000 intra only

  6. July 25 113,000 intra only

  7. Aug. 0l 118,000 intra only

At this point we were elated. The highest platelet count in the last two years was 38,000.

Even our Doctor was impressed.

Well, Nicole has been on intra now for two years. Her platelets have stabilized well within the normal range of 200,000 to 400,000.She is back in school and has been in Irish dancing for 1 and 1&1/2 years now. (You see, when she was so ill, she was not able to attend school, or play like the other kids). Last summer at a dance fest she won Joanne and I a trip for two to Halifax, Nova Scotia with paid accommodations.

Thanks to God, you and intra, our daughter has her life back and so do we.

Its hard to express our joy having our daughter Nicole healthy and happy with the all natural intra", and not on some "experimental drugs"